Exercise or Fruits which one gives the most value?

In our bid to look for the best answer to this question we encountered a whole lot of things all together. The beautiful thing is that both exercise and fruits try to achieve the same aim in a persons body which is good. But they probably go about it in different ways and therein lies the beauty of the whole matter.

If we focus on exercise for a little bit, you find out that trainers or food nutritionists keep telling you exercise has been shown to increase resting energy expenditure and reduce belly fat, especially when combined with proper diet. So the almighty truth is this “THERE’S NO DIVIDING THEM”. The amount of exercise you do determines the amount of health you get or fat’s you burn but this will never work if you don’t add a proper intake of fruits and vegetables which works on your system they always work together. If you exercise more that’s fine, if you eat more healthy fruits and vegetables that’s fine too but to do both will go a long way and it’s more advisable. By the way the energy needed to do exercise comes from fruits and vegetables, with this point one could say fruits and vegetables gives more value because you can eat fruits and vegetables and still be very healthy but you cannot workout and be completely healthy without adding some fruits and vegetables. Then again it all depends on each individual and their purpose for doing it.

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